A Fairytale Christmas 2021

A Fairytale Christmas 2021


Once upon a time... Louise was out in the woods seeking the perfect and safest remedy for Claire, her baby. With a strong desire to protect her baby, she was determined to find the most suitable ingredients to craft the ultimate goodness. 

"Why in the woods?" you may ask. Well, being an advocate for self-love and the environment, Louise thinks that it's important to love our own skin and body by treating them right. So, why not go all-natural? 

As Louise stepped into the woods, she felt an immediate rush of excitement. Surrounded by the lush greens, tall trees, and cheery music chirped by the birds, she thought that she had entered a magical realm. Inside, she could find Jojoba, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Lemon, Grapefruit, and all the other exquisite and organic ingredients that could give her baby the most wonderful gift - natural goodness and care from Mother Nature. 

Louise had ventured, explored, investigated, and constantly invented new essence and goodness derived from the heavenly earth. While she was on her quest, she was surrounded by fairies, lots of them! Each of them has been immensely supportive and kind to her. To Louise, these fairies were her motivation and guidance to seeking the perfect natural remedy; hence, she never stopped or gave up.

Although it has been nine years since she started on her quest, she never seemed lonely or discouraged. Instead, it was like a fairytale dream to her. With all the fairies' love and support and the wonders she had seen, she felt loved and blessed. 

So, this Christmas, she decided to give back to all the lovely fairies that have been with her throughout these years. This nine-year journey has given Louise a lot to think about, and one of the most important things she learned was to look for the magic in every day. Don't be afraid to create your fairytale dream, be dare to dream and explore, and remember, you are made of stardust and wishes and magical things. 

This is for all the fairies reading this article. Thank you for showering Claire Organics
 with love for the past nine years, you've been an awesome fairy ❤️