Top 5 Gifts to Give Back This Christmas with Claire Organics

Top 5 Gifts to Give Back This Christmas with Claire Organics


Another year, another Christmas, which is also the perfect festive season to give back to your loved ones, people you've met and are grateful for. So, it means it's time for another brainstorming session on what presents to buy for each of them!

It's never too early to plan ahead for Christmas presents, but you can never be too late too. This year, Claire Organics have prepared the perfect gift sets for your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and pretty much everyone, including you. 

First on the list, we have one of the merriest and brightest gift sets of all time. It has also been everyone's favourite since years ago! 

1. Merry and Bright - RM59

This is perfect for ladies (of all ages!) who love to be pampered and deserve to be appreciated. Featuring our best-seller Rosehip and Lavender scrub, it's a must-buy for the people you love!             

*A tip: Rosehip is perfect for ladies who love roses. It has a whitening and anti-aging effect too.
Lavender is perfect for deep relaxation. It's great for people with sensitive skin too.

2. Christmas Candy Bar - RM79

Tell us, what's better than a healthy and nourishing candy that gives you both the Christmas spirit and natural goodness? This gift is great for someone sweet like him or her, someone you want to protect and care for. 

3. Magical Christmas - RM99

he perfect magical gift for the special someone who has been so stressed out throughout the year. It's the sweetest way to tell them that they deserve a break and the best after all the hard work they did. 

Send this to someone you hope to see them shine and sparkle as bright as you or someone you like to inspire or motivate. It includes all the essentials one need during this tough time! An anti-bacterial sanitiser to protect yourself from germs, a cute soap to brighten up your day, a gentle soother to ease your worries, and finally, a delightful soy candle to immerse yourself in a blissful Fairytale Christmas.

5. Christmas Wonderland - RM139

Any Alice in Wonderland fans here? This fun wooden box is filled with lots of fairytale dust and amazing natural goodies, which clearly is ideal for life enthusiasts and loves a bit of adventure every now and then! 

Find anything you like? If not, we have more choices for you over here! Whether you want to check it out yourself at our retail outlets or have it delivered to you and your loved ones, we've got it covered for you.